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With Family Tree Maker, you can create your own family web page for displaying family trees, books, photos, and more.

How to Publish a Family Tree Maker Family Home Page

Family Tree Maker Version 8.0 and Later:
Click the View menu and choose Publishing Center. Then, in the Publishing Center, click "Create a Family Home Page." Follow the step-by-step instructions to publish your home page. Add items to your home page from the Publishing Center as well.

Earlier versions of Family Tree Maker:
Click the Internet menu and choose "Publish Family Tree to the Internet." Follow the instructions. Note that on some earlier versions, you must first sign up on the Family Tree Maker website before you can post a home page. To sign up, click the Online button on your Family Tree Maker toolbar, which will bring up your browser and prompt you for the necessary information. This is necessary only on versions before 8.0. Since 8.0, the sign-up page is part of the family home page process.

Problems Logging In and Verifying Your Identity

If the Family Tree Maker website does not recognize you even though you have already registered, please log in now.
If you need to log in but have forgotten your user name or password, we can email them to you.
When you wish to access your home page, use the same computer and Web browser as when you signed up as a user, otherwise we will not recognize you and will not let you create or edit your family home page. To switch browsers, open the new browser, then log in using your user name and password.
Be sure your browser is set up to accept cookies and do not delete your cookie file. (If you are concerned about cookie usage, please learn how and why we use cookies.)
If you are still having problems with the site recognizing who you are, see You are Not Recognized As an Online User for a more detailed explanation.

Technical Support

Visit our Online Help Center for a complete listing of available support options. Our Online Help Center can answer the majority of your technical support and customer service questions and also includes the methods to contact us if you need additional assistance.

Technical support is available via e-mail to

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